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  • Welcome! My name is Kelly, and I'm a modern portrait photographer located 45 minutes NW of Minneapolis. I hate to brag, but I might have the best job in the world (obviously, Ben & Jerry's taste-testers will win that award all day long). But still, photography is a close second. Here are a few JOB HIGHLIGHTS: **I get my newborn fix…hold the baby…love the baby…give the baby back. **Making insecure women (all of us, right?) feel comfortable and look amazing. **Talking to high school seniors like I’m still seventeen…then I go and blow the 'cool factor' when I pull up in my mini-van with 3 car-seats. **Impressing frazzled parents by capturing cute (and ‘in focus’) pictures of their crazy 2 year old…who knew working at Proex years ago would give me such a nice skill set? **Writing on my blog…since I work from home, I have no co-workers…sigh, no one to share my random, inane and often obnoxious thoughts with on a regular basis. And so I come here, to the blog, and let everything hang out…you’ve been warned.

High School Senior Pictures in Minneapolis, MN | Style Ladder

Ladies and gentlemen…let it be known…Pinterest has once again made this non-crafty gal look…well…crafty!

It recently dawned on me that I have all of these tiny newborn hats/headbands/tutus/etc.  But I really had nothing to offer the older ‘kids’ (teens, seniors, and hip mama’s) that come out to the studio.  All girls love to play dress up, not just baby’s!  Which is why I present to you:  The style ladder (you know I had to name it)!

Style Ladder


How did I do it?  Easy peasy.  First, go on a little shopping spree, and gleefully exclaim, “it’s a write-off”, as you throw trinkets into your cart.  Next, drag an old ladder out of your garage…if you don’t have one, go to an antique store/occasional store/your grandpa’s garage/etc. get yourself a ladder.  Then you staple some screen material (the thin stuff you use on windows/doors to keep the bugs out) on the backside of the ladder, and voila!  You have a giant jewelry display ladder!

Looking at the pictures now…I think I need to go shopping again, I see some bare spots that need to be filled…




Newborn & Baby photographer in Minneapolis, MN | watch cute grow

Hopefully you are all surviving the pranks and jokesters out there.  My kids totally dig April Fools day.  Korey hid all of their cereal boxes this morning…which caused a bit of a ruckus.  The boxes were quickly recovered from another cabinet, and the frosted mini wheat slurp fest was back on track.  I caught Lucy attempting to dump a pound of salt into her snack bag of cheez-its.  She thought she’d be funny and offer it to a friend (who apparently never brings their own snack).  I told her she was wasting food, so she stopped…but quickly realized I was being grouchy morning mom (the non caffeinated kind), and I needed to learn to be cheerful despite the early morning lack of coffee.   To soften the blow of my grumpy demeanor, I quickly threw some raw spinach in a baggy, and said to Brady in my most serious voice: “put your snack in your backpack”.  Myself, Lucy and Riley were all laughing hysterically, but Brady was instantly sobbing tears of sadness.  Oopsie.  Swap the spinich for goldfish crackers, and the world is right again.  I guess I’m not cut out for pranks.

A few jokes that Korey and I have tried over our lifetime that have not gone over well:

*Clear saran wrap over the toilet lid.  Bad, just bad.

*Announcing on Facebook that you’re ‘expecting’.  Don’t do this~while it is hysterical to your close friends/family…you are more than likely hurting the feelings of a those who have experienced infertility.   Although, freaking your mom out is kinda priceless….maybe just text it;)

*Hide in the backseat of someone’s car, and lie in wait while the driver unknowingly drives you around town, singing their heart out.  Then when the driver gets safely home, and parks the car, you pop up and say ‘boo’.   Not cool, Kor…not cool.

*Call your girlfriend and tell her you’ve been shot in a hunting accident and that you’re in the hospital.  Again, Kor…not cool.

* Oh geesh…there are so many dumb things we’ve done over the years…I’m drawing a blank right now.  If you need some inspiration to fool your loved ones~check out this pinterest link.  There is one of a creepy baby doll peeping through an outside window that would totally freak me out!  Oh, and if you work in an office~you have to do the ‘feet in the bathroom stall’…that looks hysterical.  Days like these make me wish I worked in the real world~haha!

I don’t think I’ve blogged any of this sweet little girl over the last year…she was one of my baby planners~and I’m not sure how she did it, but she got cuter every. single. time. I saw her!  I love this family~I can’t wait to see them again~I’m sure their kids will manage to ‘out-cute’ themselves again!

NEWBORN~ This session is generally taken when baby is between 5 and 10 days old.

6 month session (we generally schedule this right when baby learns to sit up unassisted…usually between 6&7 months…too soon and they flop around…too late and they’re crawling all over the place).


My baby planners often throw siblings/family shots into the mix…

Typically for a baby planner, either their 6 month or their 1 yr will be warm enough to go outside for a bit!  Her 6 month fell right at the end of summer, which worked great!

ONE YEAR!  These sessions are typically the most challenging, because baby is more mobile.  But they are also full of personality by this point~and they are so dang fun!!

I’d say about 70% of my 1 yr clients will do a cake-smash at the end of their session.  You provide the cake~I provide the cleanup!  A lot of clients order these small desk-sized storyboards when they do the cake smash~it’s a perfect little memory keeper!

At the end of baby’s first year~you get a custom 10×20 storyboard with your favorite image from each session.  These are often hung in living rooms, so I will find some of the more neutral toned images to match the home decor.

Senior Pictures in Minnesota | spring break…more like extended winter

This spring break is dumb.  It feels exactly like all of the ‘snow/cold’ days that we already had this winter.  My kids are trapped inside with (and I quote) ‘NOTHING to do’.   They’ve played endless games of tenzi and uno…read an impressive amount of books, and rotted their brains on video games.  I can’t wait until we can run outside without giant boots and seventeen layers.  It’s snowing again as I type this…boo!  Luckily, I saved one of my beautiful senior sessions from this past summer…so we can all try and remember why we live here!

Hey Alex~thanks for being such a sweetie~I loved hanging out with you and your mom (aka: Beth’s clone)!


Teen Portraits in Minneapolis, MN | A treat for your eyes, whilst damaging my ears


I’m not sure who’s genius idea it was to put the piano in the same room as my office/computer room.  Oh wait, that was me.  Lucy and Riley take lessons, and I’ve requested that they practice a little more than normal since they are on spring break…I’m beginning to regret that request.  In an effort to drown their off-key banging, I have my headset blaring into my eardrums.  I’m probably doing some damage.  I’m not sure why listening to the Glee version of ‘single ladies-put a ring on it‘ is less distracting than my son’s rousing rendition of ‘michael row your boat ashore‘…I guess I’m more productive when listening to synthesized tunes.

I’m so excited to share this teen session with you.  This gorgeous girl is only 14, and already a good head taller than me:) She definitely has an editorial/model vibe about her…I guarantee the majority of us wouldn’t have photographed this well during the throes of puberty~but it was certainly fun to work with such a natural!

I wonder what it’s like to have cheekbones….hmmm…

I MUST know where those striped pants are from. LOVE IT!!!! Please tell me you asked. :)

How is this girl only 14?!? She looks like a beautiful 20 year old model! Fantastic photography as usual.

Maple Grove, MN children’s photography | Which mommy was your favorite?

I thought I’d jump on the blog and share a few pictures from our camera mom workshop this past weekend.  I always have a kiddo or two come and be our ‘models’ for the afternoon.  What better way to learn how to get good lighting and exposure than with some actual moving children!  Of course, to make myself look better, I choose adorable kids that won’t move very quickly;) These two are the daughters of a dear friend from college, and it is so fun to see what an amazing mom she is now (since I knew her in her less reputable days, haha)!

The girls were perfect (and gorgeous), and their mom texted me after they left, and said that the girls sat in the car and discussed which of the ‘camera mom’s’ were their favorites!  I’m pretty sure anyone that mentioned the word ‘Frozen’ got high marks!!  Of course, now I’m wondering if I was on their list of favorites…I didn’t mention any disney characters…shoot.


As always… AMAZE kelly AMAZE!!

Emily Zoulek

I am looking to have pictures for my 2 & 4 year old girls, how far are you booked out? I kind of want outside pictures so May or June would work great.

Kids photography in Monticello, MN | The only thing mini about these sessions is the cost…and the kids…and the amount of time…

Yay~they’re here!!




What are the time slots?

I book every 1/2 hour from 9am to 4pm.  As of right now, some morning spots are already booked, but I still have openings (first come, first serve)!

Do you photograph families during these sessions?

Not typically…This is a special ‘small’ session for your ‘mini-me’s'…babies (3 months and older), toddlers, all the way up to tweens.  I am happy to do siblings (if you have more than 3 kids, please ask me in advance, sometimes it is just not possible to fit everyone into a 20 minutes session).

What does $295 get me?

A lot!  Well, I think so anyways….that covers your session fee + 10 high resolution fully retouched images.  You will get a print release with these digital files, and will be able to make as many prints as your heart desires.  I have years of experience getting a lot of variety in a short amount of time, and I promise that you will get some seriously cute pictures!

Do I have to pay it all now?

Most do…but some clients prefer to pay 1/2 now, 1/2 on the day of the session, you can decide!

Can we use that cute orange striped teepee I see in your pictures?

Yes!  I thought it would be a perfect prop to pull out for this occassion!

Do you have bunny’s and chicks?

Nope.  Not this year.  I was forced to work with bunnies for years…and I’m still not over the trauma.  Maybe next year:) Plus, these images will remain more ‘neutral’, so if you hang them on your wall, it won’t scream ‘EASTER’!

What should my kids wear?

So many cute clothes these days….I went ahead and started a new pinterest board for spring clothes!

How do I book a time-slot?

Email me:  kelly@photographybykellyklatt.com and I will let you know what times I have left!  After we agree on a time, I’ll email you an invoice to pay online in a secure shopping cart!


Erika Grabow

Would love some more photos of Harper.

Minnetonka, MN Newborn Photography | We’re in this together…

There is a definite ‘shift’ in the mindset of all Minnesotan’s today.   Nothing political or religious happened…no big laws passed or denied…no major crime spree or tragic incident.  Instead it is something good.  Something positive.  Something that seemed virtually impossible as of a few days ago.  We reached 50 degrees.  Friends, spring is on it’s way.  It may take 2 more months to melt the several feet of snow that we are buried under…but just knowing that it is possible to see such blessed temperatures during the worst winter we’ve seen in ages…is enough to bring tears to our eyes.  All across the state,  boarded up windows are being thrust open, convertible tops are being put down, and shorts and flip-flops (while inadvisable) are being donned.

To honor such a heat wave, I thought I’d share a few from last spring’s maternity/newborn session.  I love when I get to meet clients before baby arrives.  It gives us a chance to get to know each other…when I meet mom’s and dad’s for the first time at their newborn session, they are sleep deprived and mildly delirious!  So having this short maternity session about 2 months beforehand is awesome for both of us!  Isn’t this momma gorgeous?


And their sweet little angel…so pretty…dark hair and lashes…jealous!

Allrighty, I’m gonna go put on a tank top and scrounge up a lawn chair.  Who’s with me?

Minnesota Senior Pictures | Quick Review of Seniors Ignite

So…why’d you go to Vegas?  I had a few texts/questions from friends and clients wondering what I was doing in Vegas, and if I was using ‘work’ as an excuse to sit by the pool.  Busted.  Kidding…although the weather was absolutely beautiful, I spent the majority of my time inside a dark conference center.  Classes started shortly after I arrived at Lake Las Vegas (30 minutes off the strip) on Sunday evening, and went straight through Wednesday afternoon.  My brain is still in over-drive…and when that happens I sort of shut-down and can’t do anything productive.  Until I can get my priorities straight, I’ll do the fun stuff…like look through the pictures I took on our day of shooting!  The highlight of the ‘senior’s ignite’ event is a full afternoon of photographing the winners from the Senior’s Ignite Model contest (all entries are high school seniors).  The teens that get to come to this event are treated like royalty~I am hoping that I can get one of my 2015 seniors to win for next years event in San Diego, CA!  Who wants to come with me?!   Let’s represent, Minnesota;)

With over 100 attendee’s, and only 17 models…I was a little unsure of how much time we would actually get to photograph each teen.  The resort we stayed at was pretty huge, and we were handed a map with different locations and models scattered around the property.  The trick was finding some of the more hidden spots, and avoiding some of the most popular areas (i.e.: wherever Amanda Halloway was, you might as well just avoid…hot mess of people).

I was also a bit nervous about shooting in the hot desert sun at high noon.  These first shots were taken around 1:30pm, but the white sand in front of her bounced a ton of light back on her face~and I kinda love it!  I felt kind of bad for this sweet girl, she was in the hottest spot on the resort in open sun and no breeze.  Then I thought about how any one of my seniors would KILL to be standing in her spot, and I didn’t feel so bad!

A rare sighting of a boy on my blog:)

This next lovely is a dead-ringer for Alyssa Milano!  Am I right?

Some guy was pulling out of the hotel in his Corvette…so obviously we had to borrow it for a minute!

This last girl was my favorite (I told her a few times, haha)!  She was kind of tucked away from the crowds, and I was able to get a few quality one on one moments/shots with her…Plus I really loved her ‘look’.  Obviously, she’s beautiful (as they all are), but she just had a naturalness about her that I liked…not too overdone.

Gorgeous work Kelly! This is the conference I would like to attend next year.

Jane Ross

I love your work, Kelly. These pics are gorgeous!