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confession time | eden valley, mn family photographer


Hold on…we’re stalling here.  Because when I write inappropriate things on my blog (which has been known to happen on occasion), the first paragraph always shows up on the facebook newsfeeds.  And what I’m about to say, really shouldn’t be read by just any casual browsers…I like to think that I’ve developed a rapport with my wonderful blog readers…when I say rapport, I mean you already know what a wack job I am, and accept me just the same…tackiness and all.

Have I stalled long enough?  Okay, here it is…confession time.

You’ve heard the phrase, “put on your big girl panties, and get over yourself”?  Or something to that effect…well, I like to wear big girl panties.  Not the metaphorical ones, real ones…because they’re damn comfy.  Of course, I’m not talking about the classic ‘hanes her way granny panty’…nope, I take it one step further.  I shouldn’t even be typing this.  Okay fine, sometimeswhenIwanttofeel100%comfortableandcozyIliketowearmaternityunderwear.  There, I said.  I have 2 pairs that I’ve secretly horded from my old maternity stash (technically, the last time I should have worn them was March of ’08), and I save them for special occasions.  ‘Special’, as in, I have just taken a bath, and the only plans for the night require that I eat ice cream and sit on the couch.  There’s something about having underwear so big it tucks up under your boobs that I find comforting.

I’m thinking of starting a private facebook group for other giantpantywearing ladies…we don’t have to say much…maybe just the occasional, “Hey, wearing the bigguns today, feeling great!”  Or else, “whoops, accidentally wore the massive undies to Walmart today…hope no one noticed that my panty line ends about mid-nip”.  Stuff like that.  Let me know if you want in, I’ll get things organized.

Geesh, I feel bad even putting anyone’s pretty family picture up after that little scene.  Ack, the Eden Valley girls won’t mind, right?  Last fall was beautiful, but we did have some rough weather here and there…after a few re-schedules…I headed out west to Eden Valley to photograph 2 different families…I love this little town~they’re good peoples.  Who want to join my private undies club.

The day was horribly windy, but we found a few spots that worked well!

Hello, pretty teal and grey combo~I told this mama she needed to re-do her living room to match these images:)

Quick outfit change….these girls were so good!

Next family…this one was tough…our location was not as sheltered as the last one, and we were fffffreeeeezing.  These poor girls (huh, just realized that each family has 3 daughters…God help them) were not thrilled to be out in the field while the icy wind whipped around~but they stuck it out and I actually love how their session turned out!

This is still one of my favorites…something about it that I love:)  I think they were smiling cuz I said, “sessions over, run to your car!”

OH MY GOODNESS!! I’m sitting here at my desk at work (supposed to be diligently working) and I’m spewing Diet Coke through my nose and am about to have to go change my big girl undies!! So funny Kelly!


Great photos once again! I’ll join your BGP club.


I, too, had some trouble keeping quiet with this one Kel, I snorted rather loudly and disrupted my studyhall. And then couldn’t (wouldn’t) explain what my problem was. Beautiful pics as usual. What do you expect though, Eden Valley is pretty amazing all around;) We already have an established BGP club.

OMG I laughed SOO hard at this! You are awesome! Love you just the way you are :)

THANK you for the wonderful dose of laughter about the panties. It stems from me still wearing a pair of gauchos that I had when I was preggo with my second baby… 4 1/2 years ago. Close to the same right? 😉
Love your work, by the way :: so pretty and refreshing!


Hi Kelly – I am usually right up with all your blog posts, but I just got caught up with the last three and died laughing at your “maternity panites” posts….mostly because I just unknowingly blogged about my prego panties!! If your bored, check it out http://adolphsons.blogspot.com/2012/04/big-mama.html

as always, your work is amazing!

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