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She’s all me…the good and the bad | kids photographer in buffalo, mn


WARNING:  Bad parenting alert…if you are one of the Stepford Wives, please click away from this site to somewhere with lots of rainbows and sunshine…


The way she yells at her brothers is a rude awakening.  Where does she get this stuff from?  Oh yeah…me.  Her mom.  My 9 (almost 10) yr old daughter Lucy has adapted all of my different ‘screams’ and transposed them into her own magical symphony of rage (do you like that?  It sounded good at 12:30 this morning)…

She has obviously heard me disciplining those little monsters one too many times…her voice can go from ‘happy go lucky pre-teen’ to ‘dark, menacing and slightly evil’ in the blink of an eye.  Good gracious, do I really sound like that?  To be honest…I can be a yeller…I’ve justified a reason, if you care to hear it:  the reason why is because I DO have a lot of patience…and so I let things slide…keep calm, carry on (and all that)…and when they finally manage to break through the bubble of calm, I snap.  Honestly, my boys thrive on breaking through that bubble…I need super-nanny to help me break that nasty habit.

Lucy also throws in many of my key ‘momma’s mad‘ phrases…like, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?”, “YOU ARE MAKING ME FREAK OUT!”, “I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU THREE SECONDS…”, “SERIOUSLY, I’M HAVING A HEART ATTACK RIGHT NOW!”  She throws those choice morsels out at her brother’s with alarming accuracy in re-creating my tone and pitch.

And then…to make the viscous cycle complete…I proceed to yell at her, “LUCY, YOU ARE NOT THE MOTHER HERE…LEAVE THE BOYS ALONE!”

She really is a lovely child for the most part…rarely disobeys, gets excellent grades, loves to read, shy around new people…but behind closed doors…her angryhousewifealterego comes out to play…and it’s not pretty.

Oh, and I forgot to mention…she is one of my hardest subjects to photograph.  I think I would have an easier time with twin 2 yr old boys than I do with her…I’m friends with a lot of photographers that use their daughter’s as their ‘muse’…always dressing them in trendy clothes and having impromptu sessions…well, not this kid.   We are lucky to get through 5 minutes without tears!  And I swear, I don’t yell when I take pictures of my kids!!  I prefer them happy!

Our theme for this session was ‘roller girl’.  I found these skates at good old ‘second hand rose’ in Buffalo months before, and I just knew I had to make Lucy be my guinea pig!  Sadly, I forgot to factor in the fact that she does not know how to roller-skate, so the entire time, she has a somewhat petrified expression on her face~LOL!

And that was going to be it…I had only planned on doing the ‘roller girl’ concept.  BUT…on the drive home I was distracted by a beautiful field of purple flowers (weeds, I assume), and the light was setting low in the sky, so I whipped a quick u-turn~I’m so glad I did!  These turned out to be some of my favorites of Lucy!  Even though I am kicking myself that she is wearing such a weird outfit…a one piece sparkly jean romper is not exactly ideal for lying in a field of flowers, but oh well, I can’t control everything!

You can see a little peak at her braces in this last shot…she get’s them off in 2 months!  I am so jealous, I had my braces in high school=lame.  She’s already ahead of the ‘awkward teenage curve’.  Maybe I’ll cut her hair into a mullet when she enters junior high…after all, my mom did it to me~and I survived!!

This completes my goal of getting an individual shoot of each kiddo for the year…People are always curious if I am always taking pictures of my kids.  The answer is NO!  I try and do one full session of each child alone in the summer (sometimes ‘themed’, if I have an idea that I want to try), and then I do one of all 3 together in the fall (that’s coming up, fingers crossed it goes well!), and then I usually do a little ‘mini valentine’ shoot of each kid for a little valentine card in February.  That’s it.  I love how the boy’s sessions turned out this summer…so if you missed either of those…you can see RILEY’S NAUTICAL SESSION HERE.  And BRADY’S EVENING SUN SHOOT HERE.  Geesh, I just went back and looked at those sessions…they are so cute, why would I ever yell at such perfect angels?!!!?


Ooh, I love these photos of your girl and your story to go along with it!

You always make me laugh! Funny story about your Lucy. As my daughter yelled at me when she was 6 “Well you teach me to be just like you!” EEEK!

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