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Das ist mir Wurst | Monticello High School Senior Pictures

Yikes!  I leave for Germany in 1 week…I still have so much to do!

1.  Learn to speak German.  Two years of German classes in high school…somehow I don’t think ‘counting to 10‘ in German is going to help me get around town.

2.  Find passports.  I think  Customs is pretty firm on that policy.

3.  Break in new walking shoes…Will I look like a tourist in my new sporty tennies?  Yes.  Do I care?  Not really…this is the girl that used to try and get into London night-clubs wearing a neon yellow Old Navy jacket…I have no shame.   It’s not like I’m wearing a fanny pack or anything.

4.  Buy a new fanny pack.  Great, there goes my image.

5.  Find someone to watch my kids for a week.  Kidding…I have that figured out…almost.  Do you think the bus will drop them off at my gym every afternoon…I think there’s a daycare in there.  I’ll make some calls.

6.  Buy a book for Korey to read on the plane.  The last time he read a book was in 1995.  No lie…it was ‘the firm’ by John Grisham.  Any suggestions for my ‘special‘ guy?

7.  Learn the drinking songs that the German’s are famous for…we are hitting Octoberfest, and I’d like to blend.  Perhaps learn a few more polka steps?

8.  Stop rambling on the blog and start getting stuff done…I still have 12 sessions to shoot before I leave…that doesn’t even count the pile of editing and ordering that needs to happen.  I pray that all my clients have patience with me and my jet setting lifestyle!

I’m excited to show this beautiful senior girl on the blog today.  Madi, you did a fabulous job!  I love your sense of style, and I think the pictures turned out awesome!  Go Monticello Volleyball Team~Haha…have you met you all yet?  I promise to get to a game soon!

P.S.  Das ist mir Wurst= it’s sausage to me!  I don’t know why I found that funny…but it’s one of those weird phrases I remember for German class…

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