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I have issues with moderation | Monticello, MN High School Senior Photography

Yesterday I mentioned my visit to the ‘G’ doc…I won’t gross you out again (promise)…but I did ask her a very important question during my appointment.  I asked for a ‘magic diet pill’.  She laughed and said if there was one she wouldn’t be fat either.  Then she proceeded to tell me that it’s all about moderation/portion control.  Which we ALL know.  Apparently, I have issues with moderation (I also have body image issues…as it happens!).  And so…I started brainstorming…what else could I do that doesn’t involve exercise OR making properly portioned meal sizes?

My list so far…feel free to add to it, if you have any great ideas!


*Wiring my mouth shut

*Spray each meal with ‘dirt’ flavoring

*Wear super tight pants while dining

*Here’s an interesting tip I found online: Buy a fake 5-pound glob of fat, and put it on the top shelf of the refrigerator or cupboard. You’ll take one look at it, glance at your thighs and think: “I definitely don’t want that cheesecake now.”   Question:  Where does one buy a 5 lb glob of fake fat?  Walmart?

Well, hopefully this concludes ‘women’s health week’ here on the blog.  It better be, because I have a senior guy to put up here tomorrow, and he does not need to hear this stuff at his age.  He’ll realize soon enough that all women are crazy.

I’d like you to meet the beautiful Claire.  She is another Monticello Senior (we grow them really adorable out here…if you haven’t noticed yet)…good times with her and her family…I had a heck of a time convincing her to try a serious face…it was definitely a challenge for her sweet/smiley personality!  But they (as always) turned out to be some of my favorites!


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