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my new bestie | Eden Valley, MN high school senior photography

So…I went to the Gyno today.  Geez woman, have you no shame?  No boundaries?  As it turns out…that’s a big fat no.  I’m actually doing this as a public health service.  Ladies~you can’t avoid it forever…the old pap-eroo is something we have to do every year.  I somehow managed to let over 3 years go by without visiting the doctor once.  Oops.  It was one of those things that I dreaded and kept putting off.  But I went today…and (this is going sound very creepy considering I was in stirrups at one point) I had fun!  I found the best doctor~she was real, down to earth…and the best part, she laughed at all my jokes (anyone else use humor to make an uncomfortable situation that much worse?).  I could almost pretend we were chatting over cocktails instead of being felt up…and isn’t that the sign of a great doctor?  Actually that might be a sign that I need to get out more?

Long story short~I survived…and I almost forgot to feel humiliated during the entire exam.  Bonus.  Anyhoo…if you go to my doc, be sure to use my name as a referral…I get a Spa gift certificate.  Busted:  that was my ulterior motive during this entire warm, fuzzy pap-tale…free prizes.

Moving right along…Maddy~I’m sorry you got all the gross ‘women talk’ today!  If I haven’t scared off all of your friends by this point…maybe just sent them to my facebook page?!  Maddy came to me earlier in the summer for her senior session…we had such a fun time together!  I’m so glad you made the journey to come see me~I love how your pictures turned out, girly!

Good Lord woman!! You make me bust up laughing every.single.time. !!! Maddy, you are so beautiful. It looks like you and Kelly had a blast.


Maddy?! You look fantastic! Love the little blue dress and boots, too cute!

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