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8 days of giveaways | DAY 2 | Fun stuff

Last night was the kiddos sunday school Christmas program…let’s just say…things will be done differently next year.  To start:  Preschool age kids (3 to 5 yr olds) should NOT be front and center on stage the entire time…that’ 45 minutes of pure insanity.

Highlights (read: lowlights) of the Christmas Program:

5.  As the children walked up to the stage, I noticed all the preschoolers were wearing silver halo’s on their heads.  Except Brady.  Even in his young mind, he knows it would be a sacrilege for him to masquerade as an angel.

4.  Being distracted by all the parents (myself included) who were silently mouthing threats and/or encouragement to their kids.  Trying to do the charades version of “get your hand out of your pants” in church is waaay harder than you’d think.

3.  Speaking of hands down your pants…Brady stood up in the middle of the program, grabbed himself and said loudly, “I have to go potty.”  Really?  Maybe you should say it louder…I don’t think the back row heard you.

2.  A random toddler crashed the party…yes, someone let there 2 yr old up on the stage with the rest of the kids…why?  Seriously, there is enough distraction without your kid and his sippy cup stomping up and down the stairs.

1.  The virgin Mary realized about half way into the program that she forgot ‘baby Jesus’ stage left.  She ran and grabbed him by his foot, and carried him dangling to the manger, where she laid him ON his head to rest…it was a doll, no worries.

The winner of the 20×30 Canvas Gallery Wrap:  Miss Sara Olson #33 with her comment, “I would love that!”  

Today I’m giving away 3 awesome gifts (I seriously want to keep them for myself…like hard) from Urban Lane Frames, Scentsy, and Thirty-one.


ONE lucky person will win the following:

The ‘perfect party’ set from Thirty-One.  Melissa sells thirty-one products right here in Monticello.



**picture shown is what you will receive~except it is in a different pattern, the pattern I have is called black plaid~I love it!**

I LOVE scentsy stuff…one of my awesome clients Mandy has been selling it for a few years, and I use this product all the time.  It makes your house smell gooooood.  The giveaway includes the warmer shown below, and includes 3 packs of yummy scents.



Urban Lane Frames (my awesome frame vendor) is giving away a 10″ black distressed circle (shown in the image below on the left).  These look SO cool…I’m going to have to get one for my house…circle is the new square.






Just leave a comment below!  Comments accepted until 10pm central time tonight.  One comment per person, thankyouverymuch.  All gifts are being shipped to the studio right now, and will be available for pickup in the New Year!

steph anderson

oh your posts make me laugh!!! Great giveaway!

Candice Fox

Would love this!!


Lots of great stuff! Such an awesome giveaway!!


Oh my goodness! Love all of these!!

Jonette Petterson

Love your “8 Days of Giveaways” I just want to win :)


Pick me! Pick me!! Love all of this!!!!


Man I want to win this too..can I trade? hee hee

And for the record my 5 yr old wanted to storm the bleachers of his brothers program too..I say kuddos to the mom that just let that kid go up too..rather than holding him back screaming the entire program. Really who cares if there is another kid to laugh at up there. :)

I never win…. :) But someone will be lucky enough tonight!


This would be so nice as money is tight and I still have a dozen people on my list to buy for


Great giveaway!


Pick me, pick me!


Love all of these!!!

Gretchen Ennis

Love all of the products in today’s giveaway and would love to win!

Stefanie Hjelmeland

I would love to feel 31 again. Please pick me. :)


Awesome giveaways!


This is awesome!!!


Love these!!


I love your posts, hilarious!!

OMGosh!!! Such great stuff! Thanks Kelly!

Beth Konz

Yep watching Brady right now and he’s wearing his halo;)

Melissa Fogarty

You take the most amazing photos!! Would love this give away. My good friend Sarah Sailer works with and I want to order some of those Urban Lane Frames.


Oooo….love it ALL! I can see why you want to keep it for yourself!


I could use all 3 of those!


This day does not disappoint. Hope I win.

Kirsten Hage

I love me some thirty-one, scentsy, and urban lane frames!


yes please!!


Super pumped to win! 😉

Gina S

Merry Christmas to the Klatt’s!!


Pick me please!


Dear random number generator….please pick my number! I would really, really like all of these things!


Would love to win these neat goodies!


Love this stuff! :)


I really need some picture frames :)

I have a new little grandson and his picture would look SO cute in the circle frame!

Christin Mielke

Three is the magic number. Pick me!

Nelina England

Yes please! :o)

Melissa Horsch

Love everything! Pick me.


How fun!


Kim- My house smells and could use a nice scent!

Erin Z.

These would be great in my home!

Emily Pesta

Great story! Having princess p in any kind of “quiet churchy” setting is quite the challenge so I can relate, haha! Sounds like an awesome giveaway, what a sweet idea! :)

Ella Owens


betsy cooper

wowza! enough said :)

Amanda Oman

<3 this


Love all this stuff! Hope I win.


Merry Christmas! Great giveaway.

Roxanne Bauer

Kelly you crack me up! I would love to win this giveaway :)


Yes Please! Merry Christmas to ME!




What a great giveaway. Love the Urban Lane frames!!


Oh Kel…how you crack me up! Sheesh. This is some nice swag, pick me!


Would love these too!!!!!

Anna Brett

Thank you for doing all these fun giveaways!

Jill Skanson

Pick me! Pick me!


Love reading your funny posts!

Jenae Vieregge

Wow! Any of these things would complete my Christmas! Thanks-hope to win!


I will give back the thirtyone product since it came from me but I would love the other items…I need another scensy warmer!

Jennifer P

Yes please!

Mary Beth kuenzli

3 things I love! Awesome prizes!!!!


Awesome gifts- would love any of these for my house!


Would love one of these for my first winter vacation. WIN WIN WIN ! ! !


I will pay for shipping to me :)

cassie chrast

Love all 3 prizes!!!!


Presents for my wife :)

crystal lee

What a great giveaway, I’d love to win!…I sure enjoy your photography, and wish I could blog like you…very funny!



Jane Bagley

Hi Kelly. I hope I might be the lucky winner!! The frames are beautiful!!

Ashley K

Pick me!

Heather Sehnert

What a great idea…love all this stuff!

domestic diva

Lovely! Thanks for the chance.

anika rychner

I really really NEED this one Kelly!

Mama Monkey

Pick me!! :)


Times up! See ya tomorrow!

kate pacyna

Great stuff! I’m only semi-local but I’d make the drive if I won.

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