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Go on, touch them…they’re real | St. Cloud, MN Newborn Photography

A few firsts for me:

* Bought my first piece of Matilda Jane Clothing (a skirt for Lucy)…just dipping a toe into the MJ cult…

* I sat at a dinner table in Atlanta and discovered that me and my breasts were in the minority.  Having fake boobies is all the rage down there ya’ll!  I’d rather spend my money on a good bra and a trip to Hawaii…although, if a tummy tuck presented itself, I wouldn’t say no.

* I saw a movie that was nominated for tons of awards…and I LOVED it (normally the Oscar movies are all a bit strange).  Of course…two hours of watching Bradley Cooper didn’t hurt either (silver linings playbook).

* I am currently reading a book titled, “Shi*ty mom”…and it is confirming all of my suspicions.

* In that same vein…for the first time~I had to break out the tabasco sauce and use it on my sassy son…I actually think he liked it….brat.

* I was put in my place by the customer service dude at priceline.com.  What kind of company won’t offer you a refund?  Isn’t there a 10 day return policy in Minnesota that covers everything?   I thought that lying to him would be my ticket out of paying for 2 hotel rooms that we didn’t need…I tried this excuse: “I’m so sorry, but we have to cancel our rooms…my father in law is very sick in the hospital”.  D-bag Charlie’s response (he said his name was Charlie, but his thick accent begged to differ), “I understand ma’am, I will just need the name of your father-in-law, the hospital’s name and phone number, then I can refund you the money.”  Yikes, I did not see that curve ball coming.  Lesson learned…they’ve been lied to before, and I am an idiot for trying.  Thank you Charlie, for that valuable life lesson.

* I recently discovered how far my germa-phobic/OCD nature truly went…I was in a hotel bathroom and was busted throwing away the first 2 tissues in the kleenex box.  Hello, that’s just common sense.  What if the person in there before me sneezed on the counter, and then I picked up the first tissue to blow my nose, and sent HIS germs straight up into my nose?


Well those were all the topics I’ve been wanting to talk about on the old blog…been too distracted (yes, by solitaire…but by other stuff as well) to write it all out.  I also have soooo many session from last year that never got blogged (over 70 left over), so deciding what to even share overwhelms me!

I’ve decided to share a sweet newborn that I shot recently…not only because she’s adorable, but because I used her images to make a new album…so if you scroll to the bottom, I will show you how that turned out!





I have a new product for 2013.  I finally found a lab that does a beautiful, simple album…the perfect size, the perfect colors.  I call it ‘the white album’ because I’m keeping things clean & modern (and the pages are white).  I know, I should probably trade-mark that crafty name, huh?  I snapped some shots of it this morning…and for you photogs that are interested:  I edited and cropped these in lightroom…didn’t even open photoshop.  I’m pretty of myself…it’s a first!    Do they look weird?  Now I’m paranoid.

Love this post, and that chair!! I adore this album, I am trying hard to find album companies I am happy with!

I love your work and adore you wit!! May I ask what lab you used to print “the White Book”?

i would also love to know which lab you used for this book- i can never figure out which one to use for albums.

Super cute session!!!! Love that mustard chair!

I, like you, have about that many sessions from last year and maybe a few even the previous year that have not made it on the blog. I thought I would tell you so you don’t feel on your island alone.

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