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Monticello, MN Newborn Pictures | Reasons to avoid the gym

After being bombarded with diet commercials for the past 3 or 4 days (I swear, weight-watchers is stalking me)…I feel like it is my civic duty to hit the gym.  There is only one little thing holding me back:  the gym rats.

If you go to the gym regularly (specifically the classes, like body-pump), then you know that the first few weeks in January are super annoying.  The class is flooded with newbies…your regular ‘spot’ (back right corner, in front of the fan) is suddenly filled with strangers wearing ill-fitting track suits who haven’t lifted a bar-bell since the Reagan administration.  What these fresh faces lack in rhythm (is anyone hearing the beat of the music?), they make up for in pure motivation to ‘get fit’ (which stems directly from guilt over gaining 20lbs in a week and a half).

Do I want to be the source of their (gym reg’s) irritation?  I haven’t been to a body pump class in 6 months.  Going today (January 2nd) seems so obvious…almost desperate.   And it IS cold out…what if my car doesn’t start (-16 below last time I checked)…I could just start tomorrow…or maybe wait until Monday.  That’s always a good day to start a new endeavor.   Besides, we’re making nachos for supper, and any exercising I did would be washed away by those millions of calories…

And that, my friends, is how you talk yourself out of going to the gym.  New Years resolution #fail.

Thought I’d share a sweet little newborn from last year…these guys have been coming to see me for awhile, I love getting to hang out with this family:)

Two Princess ‘P’s!

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